Hey what's up? Thanks for checking out Minimum Viable Podcast (MVP).  If you are in the trenches of building your business or are even just thinking about building a business, we're stoked to have you here as part of our community.  MVP is an unedited podcast with 8 guys, your questions, and real answers about building businesses and apps people simply love.

​The style of our podcast is more like a fireside chat - each episode features multiple entrepreneurs sharing their own experiences around business, technology & design as well as answering questions submitted to us by our fans.

Our primary focus is to share our experiences building our tech-based / virtual businesses, including software start-ups, SAAS (software as a service) businesses, mobile apps, web apps, and web-based freelance / consultant businesses.  But some of the content you learn here can easily be applied to many other business types - a good friend used some of our tips to double her pottery business in less than a year! ​


Phil MacNevin

Charlottetown, PE, Canada

Creator of the MV podcast. Founder of TrackrApps
Co-Founder of CrowdSpawn.
Business Coach. UI/UX Designer

Bryan Sattler

San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

UX/UI Designer at Captora.
Co-Creator of the MVP Podcast.

Doug Keefe

Charlottetown, PE, Canada

Software Developer & Entrepreneur. Founder of CrowdSpawn. Co-Founder of TrackrApps.

Chris Vessey

Charlottetown, PE, Canada

Software Developer & Project Manager. Computer Science Instructor at UPEI.