Idea Validation

Episode 7: Idea Validation

In part 3 of our series entitled “Building Your Minimum Viable Product”, we share our experiences about validating your idea. Idea Validation means that before you decide to build a product you make sure that people what what it.

Co-HostsPhil MacNevin and Bryan Sattler

Guest: Amy Kauffman

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Learn more about choosing a Green Light market from The Foundation.

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Episode 6: Choosing A Market

This week we officially launched our podcast series, “Building Your Minimum Viable Product” with part 1, Choosing a Market. 7 entrepreneurs shared their experiences and techniques for determining which niché market to serve.

Co-HostsPhil MacNevin and Bryan Sattler

Guests: Doug Keefe, Trevor Page, Ian Serlin, Mitch Bowler, Nick Karrasch

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Episode 3: Closing Sales

This week we had some really special guests who all shared their unique approaches to closing a sale. We also have two special offers for you today:

  • ​James Mielnik, the fearless leader of sales for Eben Pagan’s business training empire is offering a FREE copy of Presentations that Pay. Just email with the subject "Free Product" and tell him the biggest thing you learned from this episode.
  • Robert Coorey is giving away the first 2 chapters of his book, Feed a Starving Crowd - click here to download.

Idea Validation & Preselling Continued

Episode 2: Idea Validation & Preselling Continued

This week, we talk about "Idea Validation" - how to ensure your business idea will sell before you build it. We also dig in a little deeper into Pre-selling: how to collect payments, how to initiate pre-sales, when to pre-sell, and more.

Featuring: Phil MacNevin, Josh Isaak, Ian Serlin, Tom Casano