Idea Extraction & Preselling

Episode 1: Idea Extraction & Preselling

In this episode, we dig into some of our own experiences with a process called “Idea Extraction” (finding business ideas by asking people what their painful problems are) to start some of our own businesses. We also started to scratch the surface of Pre-Selling – generating a profit before you start to create your product.

Featuring: Phil MacNevin, Bryan Sattler, Matt Sullivan, Don Traxler, Josh Isaak


  1. Rodolfo   •  

    First of all, the presentation of this website is awesome. As soon as I got here, I absolutely loved the minimalistic look, the sleek design, and the chic + modern colors you used. It’s soothing and, with its Zen-like design, it seems to somehow calm the nerves. Secondly, the content of this podcast is rich and very valuable. I not only just learned a lot about the theory of Idea Extraction, Pre-Selling, etc. But I also took a lot in from your stories, experiences, hands-on approach, and general information on what works, what doesn’t, where to go or what tools to use to gather information for your ideas(like, etc. Excellent job guys! Keep up the good work and looking forward to learning more from all of you.

    • Phil MacNevin   •     Author

      Awesome Rodolfo! Glad you enjoyed the content (and the design of the site). That means a lot to us.

      Keep your eye out for the next episode which is dropping soon, we dig more into Idea Validation and dig a littler deeper into Pre-Selling.

  2. Rodolfo   •  

    Thanks Phil, will do!

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